We’ve created a 6-week step-by-step system outlining core fundamentals and principles that are essential when talking about optimizing human function and performance at ANY level. These fundamentals are key to developing a deeper relationship with your body, addressing your limitations and improving your physical ability.

What Can You Expect?

-Increase Body Awareness

-Improve Strength

-Improve Flexibility & Mobility

-Reduce/Resolve Injury & Pain

-Overcome Movement Limitations

What's Included?

Not only will you receive our 6-week program but you will also gain access to our:

-Private Made for Motus Community

Made for Motus community is a private message board where you will have the ability to connect and communicate with others who are participating in 'The Adaptive Approach to a Functional Body' program and on their journey towards improved functionality.

All you need for the program: Foam roller(1/2 size), Lacrosse ball, Resistance bands.
Optional: Yoga mat, 4-6 inch ball, Active Hands/Gripping aids

Listen to what others have to say about the program!

Despite suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a hereditary degenerative neurological disease, Arabela saw incredible results from our

6-week exercise program. Listen to her testimonial below.

Meet Christopher Dito, Founder/President of Made for Motus

Christopher was born with an incurable neuromuscular disease that led to him becoming wheelchair bound at the age of 25 and needing two complete reconstructions of both of his legs from the knees down before having to relearn how to walk again. During this process, he decided to dedicate his life to learning about the human body and now he stands today as a Health, Movement & Performance Enhancement Coach that helps a range of individuals from the physiologically limited to athletes of the highest caliber perform at their highest potential. In this step-by-step exercise/instructional program, Christopher goes over some of the core fundamentals and principles that were not only essential in his road to taking back control of his body but that are also key in optimizing human potential at any level.


Do you think you would benefit from a more personalized approach? 

Virtual 1 on 1 sessions are the perfect opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your body's specific and individual needs. During each session you will be guided through an extensive full body assessment so that we can better formulate a strategy that will often get you seeing results right away. Upon the completion of your virtual sessions, you will also be provided with a written analysis of the session containing important notes and details that will help you moving forward. 

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  • ALL 1 on 1 Virtual Sessions must be completed within 180 days of purchase or will be forfeited

  • We HIGHLY recommend completing your first virtual session before starting Week 1 of the program. 

  • Sessions will be hosted via Zoom